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Jet Ski Tours Perth


Hours: 9:00am to 4:00pm

We provide exciting Jet Ski tours around Rockingham and surroundings of Garden Island with the opportunity of a close encounter with Dolphins, Sea Lions…wrapped into one sensational experience.


No license or experience is required on your Jet Ski Tours. Get more with our tour!! All jet ski tours start at 9:00 am and are offered at select times throughout the day. Our experienced jet ski tour guides – on their own separate jet skis – will lead you through the beautiful waterways surrounding Rockingham area. Jet Ski Tours Perth have new Yamaha Jet skis. You’ll enjoy riding your very own 2015 Yamaha VX 1100 cc jet ski with the latest technology Ride from Yamaha Each jet ski tour will consist of one instructor and up to 3 Jet Ski’s, which can fit a maximum of two persons each so 6 people can tour at once. If you do share a Jet Ski you will swap over half way so you can both experience the hands on thrill of driving as well as being a passenger. All tour members will be given a full safety briefing beforehand which will consist of all the safety aspects of the Jet Ski’s, local bylaws of Marine Safety regulations where you will be transiting to and from and watercraft familiarization. Jet ski Tours Perth operates every weekend and in most weather conditions. Thorough safety briefing and demonstrations are provided by a qualified tour guide and the tour is fully supervised at all times. Route may be altering at anytime depending on the conditions.

Where gift vouchers have been bought from external providers and a booking has been made no refunds will be given and voucher validity will be lost for any cancellations. A minimum “24 hours notice” prior to your original booking is required should you need to re-schedule. A $20 administration charge will apply. No refunds will be issued. Should you need to cancel a booking you have already made no refunds will be given and voucher validity will be lost. For participants failing to turn up to an event you will not be able to reschedule bookings no refunds will be given and voucher validity will be lost. Sometimes the Jet Ski Tours Perth may have to cancel activities for reasons such as the weather or mechanical breakdown or because minimum requirements are not met such as a minimum group of people. We regret that such eventualities but in these circumstances Jet Ski Tours Perth is unable to reimburse travel accommodation or any other expenses you may incur in relation to the cancelled activity. Late Arrivals: We urge you to treat a trip to your activity as you would catch a flight or train. This is because every participant has a scheduled slide time. If you are late we will endeavour to put you through your activity but this will be subject to conditions on the day.

Cnr Wanliss St and Rockingham Beach Rd Rockingham WA 6168