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Liberty Balloon Flights Pty Ltd


Hours: 09:00 till 19:00

Your happiness is our business, and we make sure you have fun while enjoying the spectacular aerial views. We take your well-being during your time with us and in our balloon seriously. Our team reviews key details with you before your flight in our safety briefing to ensure that you understand what will take place during the ride. While you are in the air, one of our vehicles follows us on the ground through visual and radio contact to meet us at our landing site, help us pack the balloon away and then drive us back to our original meeting point for a well-deserved breakfast. If you have any hesitations, please let us know so we can help alleviate your doubts.


More Than A Balloon Ride The whole experience is a gift… A gift for a loved one, a gift for that special person… a gift to yourself. See the sunrise over the horizon and breathe in the new day from the unique vantage point of a sport that has defied time and technology. Hot air ballooning with Liberty Balloon Flights means flying with a company who wants you to enjoy, in absolute safety, the dawn of a new day. We will look after you.

77A Mount View Parade, Croydon, Victoria, 3136, Australia