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15 Attractions of the Warlu Way

1. Karijini National Park - It took Mother Nature 2 billion years to carve the gorges, tunnels and rock pools that feature in Karijini National Park

2. Murujuga National Park- holding the title of the 100th declared National Park in Western Australia. Sitting across the northern Burrup Peninsula this culturally significant area holds the largest concentration of rock art and carvings in the world (over a million), some dating back to before the ice age. 

3. Mackerel Islands - 22km from the Onslow coastline you will find a spectacular collection of 10 islands and atolls. Sand, water and nature galore you can enjoy the area by snorkelling, diving, swimming, fishing and so much more. Two of the islands welcome guests – Thevenard Island and Direction Island.

4. Mount Nameless/ Jarndunmunha - Standing a proud 1128meters above sea level with sweeping mountain views over Tom Price and the Hammersley Ranges. You can get to the peak by hiking or a 4WD.

5. Roebourne Warriors Sculptures - At the summit of Mount Welcome you will find silhouette statues of 6 aboriginal men who represent and pay tribute to the Ngarluma Country's neighbouring groups. 

 Karijini National Park

Karijini National Park - Photo Credit: Toursim WA

6. Karratha - Karratha is an Aboriginal word meaning ‘good country’ or ‘soft earth’. It is one of the largest and fastest-growing towns of WA and the heart of the West Pilbara Coast, an excellent base to venture to and explore all the gems in the region. Stay at the Karratha International Hotel with it's spacious rooms and turquoise pool.

7. Stan & Ella Hilditch Sculpture - This couple became central to the history of Newman, after accidentally stumbling upon the iron ore of Mt Whaleback while out prospecting for manganese. They have a 12 meter high cut steel statue representing this amazing find in the 1950s. 

8. Eighty Mile Beach - A 220km sandy beach that forms a coastline with the Indian Ocean. It is a wetland of cultural and international importance, the traditional home of the Nyangumarta and Karajarri peoples who have many stories, songs and ceremonies that are intricately tied with the sites along the beach. Due to regularly supporting over 400,000 birds it has also been declared an 'Important Bird Area' with ongoing research done in the region.

9. Resilience Sculpture - An eye-catching statue 3km out of Paraburdoo created by Alex Mickle in collaboration with the local community. It pays homage to the mining industry of the Pilbara, the people of Paraburdoo, local Indigenous culture, the unique beauty of the landscape and the spirit of regional communities in Western Australia.

10. Hamersley Ranges - Located in the Karijini National Park, northwest of Western Australia extending for about 260km with the highest peak of WA, Mount Meharry and many remarkable gorges which reveal some of the oldest rocks on the planet. 

Swimming in Hammersley GorgeThe Hamersley Gorge - Photo Credit: Tourism WA


 11. Red Dog Monument - Commemorates one of the most famous travellers of the vast Pilbara, a Kelpie/cattle dog known as Red Dog. His wandering in the 1970's has been depicted in various books and movies. You can do a trail in  Dampier as a self-drive and walk which takes you to some of the canine's favourite spots. The towns he visited included Roebourne, Point Sampson, Port Hedland, Tom Price, Paraburdoo, Broome and even down to Perth. He favoured Karratha and Dampier, and would often return here this is why his statue now sits in the town of Dampier.

12. Dampier Archipelago - The Yaburara are the original custodians of the area consisting of a chain of 42 coastal islands, islets and rocks, twenty-five of which are nature reserves. It is the richest area of marine Wildlife enthusiasts can explore this haven of reefs, mangroves, sandy beaches and steep rock piles to see green, loggerhead and hawksbill turtles, dugongs, dolphins, Rothschild's rock-wallabies and a colourful array of migratory waders.

13. Milstream Chichester National Park - An oasis of deep gorges, palm-fringed rock pools in the desert, sheltered within the ancient brown rock of the Chichester Range. Yindjibarndi people are the traditional landowners of this magnificent land. It is a wildlife haven due to permanent water year-round, It is home to over 120 species of bird, 30 species of mammal, 150 species of reptile and 500 species of plant. Whilst adventuring through the park enjoy the Snappy Gum Drive, cool off in the refreshing Python Pool, wander through Millstream Homestead or go to the home of Barrimurdi, the Warlu (serpent) at Deep Reach Pool.  

14. Barrow Island - There is evidence that the Indigenous Australians visited this second largest island in Western Australia about 46,000 years ago. Undulating limestone, flat spinifex grasslands, sandy beaches, cliffs, dunes and reefs make up this A-class reserve 50 kilometres northwest off the Pilbara shoreline. The island is known for its diversity of wildlife, including several species now extinct or greatly reduced on mainland Australia.

15. Cossack Historical Town - Visiting this historic ghost town located within the City of Karratha offers a rare insight into the past. The carefully maintained remnants of this early settlement include some of the oldest buildings in Western Australia positioned on the waters of the Butcher Inlet.

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