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10 Reasons Why a Guided Tour will Enhance your Experience!

1. Knowledgeable Tour Guides - Who better to have at your side than someone who is experienced and extensively trained in ensuring you have a memorable and smooth holiday. Guides keep you on track, give recommendations and advice, support you throughout your journey and help if you do not speak the language or want to immerse yourself in the culture of the place you are visiting. They are an invaluable asset!

2. Safety & Support - It is always reassuring knowing you are in safe hands with an experienced company and guide, they problem solve in difficult or unsafe situations and medical emergencies. Guides are trained and have an understanding of local customs and regulations so you can be sure that correct rituals are being adhered to. There is also safety in numbers.

3. Relaxation on the Road - Not only can you take more time to absorb the beauty and splendour of your surroundings whilst en-route, you do not have to worry about different, unfamiliar road rules and faulty GPS systems! Let someone else do the driving! 

casey wildflower 1Casey Wildflower, Photo Credit: Tourism WA

4. Companionship & meeting new people - On a tour you get the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life, you can forge life-long friendships with people who are probably like-minded travellers. If you are a lone traveller you will have people to share your experiences with.

5. Reduce your Environmental Footprint - Having a group of people travelling together is more environmentally friendly. Many of the tours operate in a sustainable fashion and do what they can to ensure that the natural assets are maintained for future generations – and visitors.
6. Increased chance of Success - Wandering around aimlessly, trying to arrange transportation, trying to make sense of directions and waiting in long lines is no fun for anyone! A guided tour is an amazing way to maximise your time, budget and ultimately your travel experience. They give an amazing insight into new cultures, travelling with like-minded people and experiencing things that you would perhaps be too reluctant to do on your own. 

Uluru SunsetUluru Sunset, Photo Credit: Tourism WA

7. Convenience - Leave the planning, and organising to the experts. The touring companies have done it all for you and have taken everything into careful consideration, where to visit, eat, sleep and the best route to get there. You can just focus on the adventure ahead!

8. Comfort, value & more inclusions - Enjoy tried, tested and approved accommodations ensuring your comfort. The tour companies often have a special reduced prices on accommodation and/or tours due to the volume of bookings they make, which saves you money. The tours can also often cater to your special dietary or other needs. 

9. Access - Tour companies often have very good relationships with operators that they deal with on a week to week basis. They can negotiate access to places that the general public can not visit. Due to the difficulty of reaching some remote destinations and engaging in some hard-to-arrange activities, you may well have more choice than when going it alone.

Bell Gorge KimberleyBell Gorge Kimberley, Photo Credit: Tourism WA

10. Variety and options - There is a tour for every kind of traveller and budget, no matter your age and interests. Whether you want to go on a luxury cruise in the Ningaloo, an adventurous hike through the Kimberley, a boutique wildflower tour or a food and wine safari. There is truly something on offer for everyone.

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