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Christmas & Cocos Keeling Islands

They feel like they are overseas but still, a part of WA, Christmas Island and Cocos Keeling Islands, sometimes called Cocos Islands, are the must-visit destination. Situated between the North West Coast of WA and Indonesia, these two island destinations are truly magical.

With a holiday at Christmas Island and Cocos Keeling Islands, you'll feel a million miles away without going very far at all!

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Virgin flies to the islands each Tuesday and Friday, first landing at Cocos Keeling Islands then Christmas Island and then returning to Perth. Extend your stay with a visit to both locations!

Cocos Keeling Island

WA Visitor Centre’s Traveller’s tips:

  • Hiring a car will help you explore the islands to their full as transport is very limited.
  • Booking tours before you arrive is a must as places fill quickly.
  • The islands rely on food from the mainland so menus can change without notice and it is not uncommon for only 1 restaurant to be open at a time. Contact the visitor centre for more information when you arrive.
  • You are welcome to bring your own food to the islands. Chat to us for more information.

Christmas Island is an extinct volcano that rises out of the depths of the Indian ocean. It is a tropical biodiversity hot spot with 2 thirds of the island being a national park.

Christmas Island is home to all manner of wildlife both above and below the waterline. Christmas Island is known for its crabs, the annual red crab migration, which usually happens in October or November, sees millions of crabs move from their forest homes to the coast to breed. It is such a significant event that roads are closed to allow for migration to happen.

Christmas Island Infinity Pool

While there we recommend snorkelling from the beach at Flying Fish Cove and Ethel Beach and take in the famous blowholes from the new boardwalk.
Cocos Keeling Islands are an atoll of 27 tropical islands paradises, only 2 on the island are inhabited making it some of the only unspoilt tropical island in Australia.

Cocos Islands are your quintessential tropical island paradise, and it is less touristy than other destinations like Bali, Fiji or The Maldives. So, if you are looking for an untouched island paradise with warm weather and perfect beaches Cocos Keeling Islands are for you.

You can spend your days relaxing and soaking up the tropical sun, exploring the untouched islands or for something more energetic it is all about the water, surfing, SUPing, snorkelling, diving, fishing and kite surfing just to name a few.

SUPing at Cocos Islands

While on the island we recommend visiting the traditional Malay village on Home island (accessible by ferry) and exploring the remote and uninhabited islands on a motorised canoe safari.

WA Visitor Centre 2022 Holiday Packages

7 DAY Christmas Islands Package

7 DAY Cocos Islands Package

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