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Dive Ningaloo


Hours: 9am - 5pm

Dive Ningaloo specialises in small and flexible diving experiences (a maximum of 15 divers, excluding school holidays), on our spacious 62ft purpose-built dive boat. We pride ourselves on personal, quality service, diving in the best remote, beautiful places and offering a better selection of dives than any other dive shop. Although we are a new company, our skipper has over 20 years of experience and knowledge of diving in Ningaloo, so rest assured we offer the ultimate diving adventure!


Dive Ningaloo aims to give visitors the best experience of the Ningaloo reef, traveling to remote islands and exploring untouched reef. Dive Ningaloo specialises in adventure diving day trips, overnight trips and diving courses. We are the only operator of the famous Exmouth Navy Pier dive. Dive Ningaloo also offers the ultimate diving getaway - a 4 dive overnight trip on a deserted island! Dive on the pristine reef of the Muiron islands and outer islands. Where soft corals, turtles, sharks and macro glory fill every dive! After 2 dives, head to the beach and your home for the night where we chill by the campfire, eat our yummy home cooked food, grab a swag and sleep under the stars in paradise… Wake up to the sound of waves on the shore and two more great dives, before heading back to reality. Sound like your perfect diving adventure?

Dive Ningaloo's Terms and Conditions. A minimum 20% non-refundable deposit is required to book any tour. All dives must be paid for in full 7 days prior to departure. It is up to you the customer to inform Dive Ningaloo about any medical conditions/medication or any other reason that may affect you diving or exclude you from diving. You as a customer acknowledge that you must produce a dive certification card on the day and that a NO CARD – NO DIVING rule applies. If you do not have a diving card you the customer must inform Dive Ningaloo prior to your tour so that you can be checked online. No checks can be done on the day. If you are an open water diver certification level only you must be able to demonstrate that you have dived in the last 12 months or logged a minimum of 30 or more dives. As the customer you are responsible for safe diving practices during your diving with Dive Ningaloo and also after diving for example; not exceeding NDLs surfacing with 50 bar minimum and also no flying for 24 hours after diving. Dive Ningaloo reserve the right to change and choose the diving destination on the day. This is something we try not to do and would only do so to improve your diving experience on the day. Visibility on the Ningaloo Reef is an average of 8-10m and 5-10m at the Navy Pier. We try to find the best spots but clearer water is not always there. If the visibility is less than 3m we will cancel the tour and give you the option to reschedule or receive a full refund. Customers must acknowledge that any diving equipment used or borrowed is your responsibility and you are financially accountable for any loss or damage through carelessness e.g. not attaching your cylinder to the boat and it falls over dropping your weight belt on equipment and damaging it. You the customer authorise Dive Ningaloo to charge your credit card to cover any loss or damages to equipment borrowed or hired. Please note minimum numbers are required to run a tour if these numbers are not reached customers will be offered to reschedule to another day or given a full refund. Dive Ningaloo are not responsible for any personal loss damages to equipment injury or seasickness. Navy Pier Specific Booking Conditions Please note that all of the above diving conditions apply in addition to conditions listed below for diving the Exmouth Navy Pier. The Exmouth Navy Pier is a secure active defence base therefore national security measures apply. The Australian Federal Police are employed by the Navy to secure the base and Dive Ningaloo staff are authorised representatives of the Navy. Directions given by the staff of these two agencies are to be followed without question. Divers MUST produce photographic ID in order to enter the base. This can only include a valid passport or an Australian driving licence. No other forms of ID are accepted by the Federal Police and you will be refused entry if you do not have appropriate ID on you. Divers must bring $50 on the day of their tour (cash or card accepted) to pay the Navy Pier entrance fee for diving on a defence base. This fee applies to everyone booking on the navy pier. No payment of fee = no diving. The Navy Pier is an intermediate level dive site due to currents underwater structures and the entry and exit to the water. If you have not dived within the specified time or do not feel confident to conduct an intermediate level dive then a refresher dive in the pool or an open water dive onboard our dive boat prior to diving the pier is required to assess your level and refresh skills. Divers enter the water via a giant stride maximum height 3m. Divers must be able to climb up a 3m 20 degree stairway in full equipment (minus fins) in order to exit the water. If you are physically unable to do this you cannot dive the Exmouth Navy Pier as you will unable to exit the water. Diving times at the pier vary from day to day depending on tides. Dive Ningaloo has no control over tide times or weather conditions. Divers MUST stick to the advised dive time at all costs if you overstay your dive time this has serious consequences due to currents. A double dive at the Navy Pier is only possible if our schedule is adhered to a 30 minute surface interval is the maximum time allowed and the second dive must be made on time. Of you are late entering the water this time is taken off the dive time. The navy pier is a shore dive and therefore no rescue tender is available to collect divers who drift away from the pier structure. There will be a fee at the discretion of the trip leader if dive time is overstayed and this causes safety problems rescue is required or it affects the running schedule of the day and disturbance to other customers. I authorise Dive Ningaloo to charge my credit card for these fees. If we are unable to do a morning dive due to conditions and an afternoon dive is an option you will be scheduled on to that dive instead. Make sure you leave the full day available as no refunds will be given if you can’t make the afternoon dive. If you are booked onto a double dive and we are only able to do a single dive that day due to tides you will be refunded the difference between the double and single price. There is no smoking allowed at any time during the entire Navy Pier tour this is enforced by the department of defence and is due to fuel lines running along the pier structure. Cancellation Policy A 20% non refundable deposit is required to book any tour if you cancel your tour more than 7 days from departure this deposit is required to cover administration costs. You can reschedule your tour at any time up to 72 hours before your tour departs. There are no refunds or make-up tours if you cancel your tour less than 1 week before departure or fail to join your tour at the agreed pick up location and at the specified time. Cancelling tours is something we try everything NOT to do. However occasionally due to safety concerns weather conditions factors beyond our control mechanical breakdowns or minimum passenger numbers required for a tour to depart not being reached we do have to cancel or reschedule a tour. If this happens customers will be given the chance to book on another available day or receive a full refund.

6 Nimitz Street, Exmouth