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Geraldton lies about 400km North of Perth on the coast of the Indian Ocean. It has a beautiful climate, with the daytime temperatures ranging from an average of 20 degrees in winter an average of 33 degrees in summer and the sun shines most of the time. Geraldton boasts a great beach and coastal lifestyle while also providing all the amenities you would expect of a city.

Water activities, fishing, amazing beaches and watching the local sea lions should be top of the list when visiting Geraldton. There is also some incredible history and architecture to be found, including; the beautiful HMAS Sydney II Memorial, Western Australia Museum - Shipwrecks Gallery and the Saint Francis Xavier Cathedral.

Geraldton is a destination in itself but it is also the ideal base to explore and magnificent surrounds including; the Midwest region and stunning wildflower country, Kalbarri National Park including the skywalk and the wonderful beaches along the coast.

The Houtman Abrolhos Islands lay just 60km off the coast and are truly spectacular. The Abrolhos islands are a haven for diving snorkelling, fishing and photography. They are accessible for a day trip via the air or boat, there are also extended liveaboard cruises available.


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