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Live Ningaloo


Our mission is to reclaim time in a meaningful way and give people the space to feel something.

The vehicle we achieve this with is our wildlife tours. It’s memorable because you’ll be outside your comfort zone and our hope is to spark your mind about conservation.

Our tours are small: 10 people maximum and our in-water interactions to a single group, no switching between multiple groups of people on our tours. We are the first and only company on the Ningaloo reef to take this approach, and we do this, so you get the best chance of more time with wildlife. Our approach highlights our passion for savouring the moments and sharing the Ningaloo life.


The number one piece of feedback we received from guests in the past, "I feel like just a number..." We heard you, we listened. It's why we're here.

Live Ningaloo exists because of the feedback we received from people like you. Our story is a simple one. We wanted to show the beauty of the Ningaloo Reef whilst simultaneously furthering education and research of the wildlife that we are lucky enough to observe.

The adventures that we bring to you are not cookie cutter. They are expeditions each day. The Ningaloo Reef is rich and diverse in aquatic life. We do our best to deliver the best experience possible day in and day out because we love what we do.

Our thoughtful crew paired with our small vessel allows us to be agile - customising to meet guest needs. Our aim is a once in a lifetime experience for you.

(a) No refund will be payable by Live Ningaloo in the event that you or a member of your group under your booking does not arrive at the time specified in our email confirmation. (b) All cancellations must be made in writing and received by Live Ningaloo fourteen (14) days before the date the Services are to be performed by Live Ningaloo. (c) You may request in writing a rescheduling of your booking with Live Ningaloo up to fourteen (14) days before the date the Services are to be performed by Live Ningaloo. Live Ningaloo will take all reasonable steps to reschedule your booking and is subject to availability. (d) A written request in accordance with subclause 7.9(c) of this Agreement incurs a $25.00 re-booking fee. (e) If you make a written request to alter the date of your booking with less than thirteen (13) days’ notice to Live Ningaloo you will remain liable to pay the Fee in full and any additional Fee associated with the new booking at the sole discretion of Live Ningaloo. (f) Live Ningaloo is not liable for any refund whether in whole or in part under this Agreement if you booked your tour with a third party. If you booked through a third party all refunds will be processed by the third party. (g) Any booking obtained through a third party may contain additional charges relating to cancellation of your booking. (h) For bookings containing five (5) persons or more cancellation or rescheduling in accordance with the terms of this Agreement with: (i) more than forty-five (45) days’ notice will result in forfeiture of 30% of the Fee; and (ii) less than forty-five (45) days’ notice will result in forfeiture of 100% of the Fee. (i) Subclause 7.9(h) does not apply to changes to the booking if the change relates only to the number of persons under your booking and does not result in less than five (5) persons attending under your booking.

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