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Naturetime 4WD Tours


Join us on a true eco adventure into nature's wonderland. We take our time, stop frequently, get out of the car and go for walks for a close up experience with the natural wonders of Shark Bay. No plastic cups/plates, no racing, no beach driving!


Time for Nature.

We offer high quality day and multi-day tours which focus on Australia's unique nature. Whether your passion is bird watching, geology, reptiles or you simply love beautiful scenery, stunning Outback landscapes and majestic natural monuments, we offer specialised tours to provide you with the opportunity to experience the magnificent Australian Outback at its best.

Our destinations:

Our tours start from Denham or Carnarvon and include coastal and inland destinations. Our coastal destinations include one of Australia's most iconic national parks, the scenic Francois Peron, with its white beaches and red cliffs. We also offer inland tours to two of Australia's most stunning natural monuments: The Kennedy Range (230 km inland from Carnarvon) with its impressive escarpment and the majestic Mt Augustus (450 km inland from Carnarvon) which rises like an island out of a sea of green acacia shrubland.

The vehicle:

All tours are conducted in a comfortable Toyota Landcruiser Wagon with a minimum of (depending on the tour) one or two passengers and a maximum of four. The small number of passengers ensures a personalised experience and the full attention of your guide.

Your guides.

Your guide will be either Janine or Jens. Both are passionate naturalists and have authored several books on Australia, including field and travel guides. Be amazed by their knowledge and listen to the fascinating stories and facts they will reveal to you. Profit from their keen eye for wildlife and encounter animals you may otherwise not have seen.

Most tours are available in two options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an Explorer Tour and a Photography Tour?All Photography Tours are guided by Janine who is an acclaimed nature photographer. In addition to exploring these amazing places, you will learn the essentials of photography and how to improve your photography skills. Tours include a workshop, information material and, of course, lots of photo opportunities...

Let nature inspire you. Let us be your guide.

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