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Orca Watching in Western Australia

Join an expedition to discover the apex predator of the southern coastline of WA. In the pristine South West of Western Australia, about 5 hours southeast of Perth, you will find the quaint fishing town of Bremer Bay.

Approximately 60kms off the Bremer Bay shoreline lies the depths of the Bremer Bay Canyon. It is here that a wealth of food and warm waters attract our predator the Orca, which is a toothed whale and the largest member of the oceanic dolphin family. These mammals use the area along the Continental shelf as their hunting grounds and they congregate every summer between January and March feeding on giant and colossal squid, Tuna and other aquatic mammals like Beaked Whale.

They live in matriarchal pods of 6 - 20 members with the elder females leading the family. Each member of these closely-knit pods is integral to the family's survival as they have their own unique skillsets trained into them from generation to generation.

The Bremer Bay Orca (Killer Whales) are unique to Australian waters and it is believed that their population consists of anywhere from 15 - 30* or more family pods that congregate annually in this area.

*Research is ongoing

How to see the Orcas

Whale Watch Western Australia

Join 'The Pod' and with the skill and experience gained by many years of studying whales, the Whale Watch WA team will take you on a superior luxury eco-journey of a lifetime, watching Orcas in their wild environment. A family-run business that is dedicated to whale watching all year round, their motto is to observe and not influence behaviour and they pride themselves in operating in harmony with the great, gentle aquatic mammals. They run two vessels that have been specially designed to minimise sound pollution which is the main communication channel below the surface of the water for marine life. 

  1. Orca Experience aboard Steep Point -  Award-winning tour, this vessel is the largest and most luxurious dedicated Whale Watch vessel in Western Australia with three levels of viewing platforms. 
  2. Orca Extreme aboard Whale Watch 1 - The newest and most eco-friendly vessel. For comfortable water level viewing - immerse yourself in the world of the whales.

They have year-round live research programs onboard which guarantee your experience will become a lifetime memory.  The vessels depart from the Bremer Bay Boat Harbour, Sawbrick Road. Whale Watch Western Australia have a few options to ensure easy access for all Orca enthusiasts...

* Collection from select Bremer Bay accommodation, $10 per person depending on availability.
* Courtesy Coach pickups from Albany on Fridays, or can be organised for groups of 4 or more.

Big orca jumping out of water

Naturaliste Charters - Whale Watching

Proud founders of Bremer Canyon Killer Whale Expeditions this local, family-owned business has been cruising the South West coastline of Western Australia for over 25 years. 2022 will be their 8th year operating specialised Orca watching cruises in Bremer Bay. They aim to provide excellent customer service whilst running environmentally sustainable operations that connect guests to the wonders of nature. World-class expeditions led by a qualified Marine Biologist, ensuring your tour is educational and inspirational, leaving you with extraordinary lasting memories. 

Full day Killer Whale (Orca experience) Expeditions departing daily in the peak season of January to March from Bremer Bay Harbour upon the luxurious vessel Alison Maree. A 20-metre catamaran built to sustain the coastal conditions of the South West and designed to optimise your viewing and comfort with three spacious decks and an air-conditioned interior.

Whilst on an Orca watching cruise you may be lucky to also see Sperm Whales, Pilot Whales, various species of Dolphins, Australian Sea Lions and a wide variety of Sea Birds. If staying in Albany you can book the Bus & Expedition package that will collect and return you to Albany.

Front view of orca

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