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Perth Wildlife Encounters (Penguin Island)


Hours: 8.30am to 4pm daily


Blessed with white sandy beaches and surrounded by crystal clear waters, Penguin Island is just 45 minutes south of Perth and lies a five minute ferry ride away in the heart of the ruggedly spectacular Shoalwater Islands Marine Park. The wildlife is the star attraction. Join us for a cruise to see wild dolphins and rare Australian sea lions. Getting here is easy with ferries departing hourly from 9am to 3pm. Spend as long, or as little as you like to swim, snorkel, picnic, explore the nature trails and beaches before catching a return ferry at your leisure. It’s our privilege to share this beautiful part of the coast & its wildlife and we hope you enjoy your visit.

Cancellations must be made in writing (email or post) and received by Perth Wildlife Encounters before the time constraints detailed below. We reserve the right to charge the following fees: Bookings of 3 or less passengers Cancellations or amendments within 48 hours of cruise departure time are charged 50% of cruise cost. Cancellations or amendments within 24 hours of cruise departure time or failure to attend are charged 100% of cruise cost. Bookings of 4 or more passengers Cancellations or amendments within 7 days of cruise departure time are charged 50% of cruise cost. Cancellations or amendments within 48 hours of cruise departure time or failure to attend are charged 100% of cruise cost. It is the responsibility of the person making the booking to ensure their group are aware of all conditions and cancellations policies. Conditions All departures are subject to weather and we reserve the right to cancel or vary cruises in the interest of passenger safety. All passengers participating in the Swim with Wild Dolphins tour will be required to sign a waiver of liability. View a copy of the waiver of liability here. The wild dolphin guarantee applies to the Swim with Wild Dolphins. In the unlikely event that we are unable to swim with or sight dolphins during this cruise passengers may rebook free of charge for another date within the current season (September to early June). These seats are non-transferable and subject to availability. Please be aware that not sighting or swimming with dolphins or being unable to rebook for another date does not make you eligible for a refund. In the interest of crew and passenger safety crew will be wearing electric shark deterrents known as Shark Shields. Shark Shields website advises ‘Direct contact with or very close proximity to the antenna may cause twitching of the surface muscles of the skin in time with the slow pulsing of the signal. The conductive field readily travels through seawater it being a better conductor than the human body. Thus the field tends to surround the body rather than penetrate it. Scientific tests show that the type of signal generated by the Shark Shield is unable to pass through body tissues unlike radio waves or microwaves that readily penetrate the body and therefore it poses no health problems for users. However anyone with any health condition which could increase their sensitivity to the fields created by the Shark Shield should not use the device. Such conditions include heart disease a history of heart attack peripheral vascular disease stroke a history of fainting or epilepsy lung disease or if the user is on any prescription drugs that are administered for these conditions. People who have pacemakers or are pregnant must not use the Shark Shield and should also avoid swimming near any other person using the Shark Shield. Penguin Island is a Class A nature reserve and visitors are advised to respect the ‘No Touch or Take Flora or Fauna Policy’ in place by ensuring the following: No touching or feeding of wildlife Staying on the timber boardwalks and beaches when making your way around the island Leaving any shells stones bones eggs or feathers in place (all parts of native fauna or flora dead or alive are protected under WA Wildlife legislation). Any fishing is conducted as per the WA Department of Fisheries legislation By providing Perth Wildlife Encounters with your email address you agree to receive emails from Perth Wildlife Encounters (including marketing and promotional offers). Collected information will not be shared with any third party and complies with our stated Privacy Policy.

153 Arcadia Drive, (corner of Penguin Road), Shoalwater, WA, 6169, Australia