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Top 10 Golden Outback Rocks

Would you believe it if we told you that within WA you can find the World's largest single rock? Well, you better believe it because Mount Augustus standing 715 meters above the surrounding flat plains and with a central ridge that runs 8 kilometres long, is that very rock and she looms proudly in the Mount Augustus National Park.

1. Mount AugustusWorld's largest Monocline. The local Wajarri Aboriginal people call the mountain "Burringurrah". You can find Aboriginal engravings along the trails.

wave rockMount Augustus - Photo Credit - Tourism WA


2. Wave Rock - a granite inselberg that has been weathered by wind and rain to form a wave like curve. It is about 110m long and 15m high. You can walk along its base and climb on top of the wave to look out over the surrounding farmlands.

3.  Bonnie Rock - The small rural town that this rock lies next to is also named Bonnie Rock. This area is popular for Wildflower wanderers in season.

wave rockWave Rock - Photo Credit - Tourism WA

4. Boondi Rock - Located in the Goldfields Woodlands National Park, this rock has a nearby campsite and dam. The rock is a water catchment site used for the early-settler steam trains, you can see how they used the granite to channel the water off the outcrop.

5. Eaglestone Rock - A picturesque setting 20km north-east of Nungarin, the granite boulders rise out the surrounding bushland, with a salt lake - Lake Brown to the South. There are caves to explore and keep an eye out for the Wedge tailed Eagles who call this untamed land home.

eagle stone

Eaglestone Rock - Photo Credit - Tourism WA

6. Sandford Rocks - Scenic views with 806 hectares of unique rock formations, bushlands, pools, wonderful wildflowers in season and home to rock wallaby.

7. Elachbutting Rock - in the eastern-wheatbelt region this massive granite outcrop is a popular spot for camping as she is surrounded by bushland. There are also numerous caverns to explore.

elachbutting rockElachbutting Rock - Photo Credit - Tourism WA

8. Beringbooding Rock - Waterholes - known to the local Aboriginal people as a gnamma hole, balancing boulders, surrounding bushland and farmlands make a ery picturesque scene. It has the largest water tank in Autralia.

9. Jilakin Rock - Follow the Tin Horse Highway (Holt Rock Road) and you will end up at this low lying rock which is an easy climb with amazing views of Jilakin Lake and the surrounding wheatbelt. 

10. Kokerbin Rock - The third-largest Monolith in Australia, the area has a diverse variety of interesting flora, fauna, caves and a deep well on the western side.

jilakin rockJilakin Rock - Photo Credit - Tourism WA


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