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The Wildflowers in WA are spectacular, and we hope seeing their confetti of colour across our state will bring you some joy!

Western Australia is home to an exceptional array of over 12,000 species of wildflowers – almost two-thirds are unique to Western Australia. Each year the Wildflower Season starts up in the Pilbara and North West in about June/July, this is heavily dependent on the weather and factors like rainfall received and warm temperatures influence the Wildflower Season. As the year progresses and Spring sweeps down the Australian continent, and so does the blooming of the Wildflowers.

The Midwest is known for carpets of Everlastings and the stunning Wreath Flowers, their season starts in about August and continues till the end of September. Everlastings only have about a 4 week bloom and so viewing will greatly depend on when they first open for the season. Everlastings can also be seen throughout the Wheatbelt Regions.

The South West and southern regions of the Golden Outback come into bloom from September to October/November. Many of the orchids can be see year-round in this biodiverse hotspot.

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Wildflower Sightings 2024

Visit these great resources for the latest Wildflower sighting in 2024:

Australia's Coral Coast - https://www.australiascoralcoast.com/see-do/wildflowers

Australia's Golden Outback - https://www.australiasgoldenoutback.com/see-do/outback-wildflowers/wildflower-hotspots

Geraldton Visitor Centre - https://www.visitgeraldton.com.au/play/wildflowers.aspx

Wildflower Society of WA Facebook Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/129636970391772/

Western Australia Wildflowers Facebook Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/186762614792637/

Guided Tours

Love Wildflowers and want to see more? One of the best ways to experience the very best of the wildflower is by joining an extended tour.

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How to Enjoy WA Wildflowers responsibly

Where to Stay 

 While accommodation can be limited in wildflower country there are a few great options.

  • Outback Stations - a station stay can be the ideal place to base yourself for a wildflower trip, some of our stations are the size of European countries. Experience life on the land, with many offering station tours and activities that will get you involved in the day-to-day running of the station. Now is the perfect time to visit as the countryside is awash with colour from wildflowers, crops, and spring growth Find station stays.
  • Mullewa Caravan Park- Mullewa, is part of our wonderful WA's Wildflower Country and is the northern gateway for the Wildflower way and Midlands wildflower trails. Also just out of town you will find Pindar, where this year amazing amounts of wreath flowers are on display, right on the side of the road. 
    You will find the Mullewa Wildflower Walk opposite the park, and the Mullewa Sport's Club is also only across the road. A great place to grab a meal on a Friday night! Bring your four legged friend as they are welcome too! 
  • Geraldton - if a station or the Mullewa Caravan Park aren't going to work for you, our suggestion is to base yourself in Geraldton. There is a great range of accommodation available.
  • Australia’s South West has over 8000 wildflower species. It is no wonder the region is known as a biodiverse hotspot with many species endemic to the region and 300 species of delicate orchids.
  • Esperance – The doorway to many wildflower pathways, be it Cape Le Grand, Duke of Orleans Bay to Helms arboretum and many more.

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