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Mt Augustus National Park

Situated in the Gascoyne Region between Carnarvon and Newman, Mt Augustus National Park, is an oasis of wildlife and native flora. It stands 715 metres above the surrounding flat plains, with a central ridge that runs 8 kilometre’s long.

You can reach the park as a part of a self-directed road trip along the Coral Coast, turning inland from Carnarvon (approximately 9 hours northbound of Perth). Alternatively, you can take a short flight to Carnarvon and begin a 3-day trip with Nature Time 4WD tours, spending your time amongst the nearby Kennedy Ranges and staying at Mt Augustus Tourist Park at the base of the Mountain.

Mt Augustus National Park

Mount Augustus, Mount Augustus National Park. Image by Tourism WA

From April to October, you can enjoy the cooler weather, with the addition of wildflowers over the Spring months. Throughout these favourable seasons, you can kayak amongst the tree-lined Lyons River, complete a 49-kilometre drive loop around Mt Augustus, or try a variety of walking trails that suit all fitness levels.

The local Wajarri Aboriginal people call the mountain "Burringurrah", and it has significant cultural importance, with ancient engravings along the trails. While less well known than Central Australia’s Uluru, Burringurrah is more than twice the size and can be viewed in its totality from the easily accessible Emu Hill lookout.

*Extended tours are available with Nature Time Tours, leaving from Denham.

Region: - Golden Outback
Nearest town: - Carnarvon, 150km
Established: - 1989
Area: - 91.68km2
Highlights: - Mount Augustus, Aboriginal Rock Art, Cattle Pool
Experiences: - Camping nearby, Walking, Hiking

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