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Rottnest Island

Prepare to fall in love. One look into the meltingly beautiful brown eyes of Rottnest Island’s resident quokkas, and you’ll be hooked. These endearing marsupials are just one of the attractions which keeps locals and visitors returning to Rottnest Island over and over again.

Just 19 kilometres off shore, Perth’s favourite playground ‘Rotto’ is easily reached by ferry from the city or Fremantle, and offers idyllic beaches, beautiful coves and coral reefs to explore. This picturesque island is car-free so visitors can get around on the local bus, or hire a bicycle at the ferry terminal and get pedalling!

Enjoy lazy picnics on beautiful beaches, snorkel or swim in crystal clear waters or join a tour to see the island’s abundant plants and wildlife – from the quokkas to seals; whales to soaring seabirds. Rottnest is a haven for birdwatchers attracting numerous species of coastal birds including breeding populations of fairy terns. Humpback whales are regularly seen during migration season and bottlenose dolphins can often be spotted.

Learn about the island’s early maritime history, as well as its convict and colonial past. There are several colonial buildings to be seen in the main community and some of the island’s early buildings are in use today as holiday accommodation. See the gun emplacements from World War II and learn about Rottnest’s role in Australia’s military history.

There’s so much to see and do here that a trip to Perth wouldn’t be complete without some time on Rotto. 

Getting There: 

There are ferries leaving from Perth, Fremantle and Hillary's that will take you across to the island for a day or extended trip. Many will offer packages that might included bike hire or a tour on the island. Bike hire is a great way to make sure you can get around the island easily. View the options and book a ferry over to the island below. 

What do to:

Rottnest is an island paradise, so it is not surprising that there is no shortage of beaches and bays to explore around the island. All of them vary in what they provide, but you can be sure to find some great spots for chilling on a beach, or swimming, snorkeling or even diving. Don't forget the Quokkas. No trip to Rotto is complete without a Quokka Selfie.

There are a number of tours you can do on the island, from a walking tour to skydiving onto the island or a day cruise. All these tours will help you better discover Rotto. Find the options and book a tour on or to Rottnest island below.

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