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Top 10 Beaches on Rottnest Island

1. The Basin - Edged by rocks and dunes, The Basin was previously named Australia's best swimming beach and is regarded as a quintessential natural swimming pool, with her blue-green waters and reef. The pool goes from waist deep to about 3 meters. This bay is located only 10 minutes from the settlement and has toilet and picnic facilities.

2. Fish Hook Bay - It is known for its distinctive shape a 'fish hook', it is a small bay settled amongst high limestone cliffs. An abundance of fish-life live here making it a special spot for snorkelling or diving.

3. Wilson Bay - Towards the western end of the island it is surrounded by bluffs and tall sand dunes, you can access this beach by a staircase that leads you down onto a clear sandy beach. It is popular for reef walking and fishing.

the basin beachBasin Beach - Photo Credit - Tourism WA

4. Pinky Beach -  A picturesque sandy shoreline with the landmark Bathurst Lighthouse standing tall on the Eastern point and the popular Pinky's Beach Club sitting behind on the dunes. No wonder this spot is on our list, being only a 5 to 10 minute ride from the settlement, you will find this popular beach has so much on offer.

5. Strickland Bay - A surfer's paradise when the water conditions are favourable with stunning open views. This bay has the most consistent reef break on the island, located on the south western edge.

6. Salmon Bay - Sand dunes leading down to a wide beach, this bay is situated on the southern tip of the Island. Perfect for swimming and snorkelling and bird watching as the Greater Crested Terns like to call the rock just off shore home.

pinky beachPinky Beach - Photo Credit - Tourism WA

7. Little Salmon Bay - Stunning views from rugged rocks, a protective reef and sheltered calm waters make this a very popular spot for families and snorkelers alike. One of the first designated stops on the Rottnest Island Bus Route.

8. Little Armstrong - A delightful rocky cove located in a marine sanctuary zone on the northern part of the island. This is a popular spot for swimmers, snorkelers and divers due to its soft sheltered sandy shores and crystal clear waters. 

9. Parakeet Bay - Surrounded by rugged rocks and a 20 meter high sand dune. The big sister to Little parakeet Bay, you can immerse yourself into the crystalline waters to enjoy some swimming as they are shallow and protected from the wind. 

10. Geordie Bay - Live with this bay in view by staying in one of the beachfront holiday units overlooking this gorgeous northern beach. It is one of the largest sandy beaches, close to the settlement and a great spot to see Quokkas!

little armstrongLittle Armstrong - Photo Credit - Tourism WA

A great way to beach-hop around the Island is by utilising the Bus that circumnavigates the Island daily, or you could hop on a bicycle and do it at your own steam. The island is large with some steep inclines so keep this in mind when choosing your mode of travel and balancing the amount of time you want to spend enjoying the beaches/bays at Rottnest Island


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